3D Motion Graphics showing the benefits of a new smart alarm and security device called ‘Limpet’ by Geotekk.

Bicycle/ motorcycle theft is a major issue, and once stolen, many vehicles are untraceable. So the guys at Geotekk have created the ‘Limpet’ to tackle this problem.

It was my job to show the benefits of this new smart alarm and security device through 3D motion graphics. I used Cinema 4D for creating scenes and Arnold to render with realistic lighting. After Effects was used for post production effects, including the rain scene which I go into more detail further down. Finally Premiere Pro was used to bring everything together, to add music and adjust timings. 

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Cinema 4D, Arnold renderer, After Effects and Premiere. 


One section of this project involved rain falling onto the Limpet and bouncing off to show how it is water resistant. To create this rain effect I first needed to create an alpha matte in after effects. After a lot of tinkering with particle world and turbulent displace I was able to create the effect below. I then imported this into my Cinema 4D project and applied it to the Limpet object I had animated. After rendering out it I took it back into after effects for further editing.

3D Motion Graphics rain example 1
Final Result
3D Motion Graphics rain example 2
3D Motion Graphics thumbnails

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