I’m a Cinema 4D Motion Graphic Designer and here’s a commercial demonstrating the benefits of using Mobil Vacuoline™ lubricants in hostile manufacturing environments like the steel industry.

Firstly, to accomplish this I modelled everything in Cinema 4D. I achieved the metal look by tweaking the textures and lighting within the scene. Furthermore, for the water elements I used X-Particles where I could worked with dynamics to have the water react realistically to the bearing. Additionally, I using projection mapping in parts of the video to smooth transitions from video to animation. Finally, edits were polished in After Effects and all scenes collated in Premiere.

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Cinema 4D, Arnold renderer, After Effects and Premiere. 

Exxon 9 Adam Wilkes Cinema 4D Motion Graphic-Designer
Exxon 10 Adam Wilkes Cinema 4D Motion Graphic-Designer

In need of a Cinema 4D Motion Graphic Designer?

Motion Graphics and Animation

Creator of unique 2D and 3D motion graphics/ animations. Primarily, Adam is able to work from a blank canvas and bring any artwork to life in animated scenes. Predominantly possess skills in making content for B2B in broadcast, online campaigns and advertising/ PR.

3D Modelling/ Rendering

As a Cinema 4D Motion Graphic Designer, Adam has profound knowledge in 3D modelling to create stunning scenes. Above all, he has the ability to utilise camera and lighting techniques. Finishing, with highly polished rendered scenes. High quality artwork using Cinema 4D and the Adobe Suite.

VFX/ Post-Production

Adam has the power to enhance films by adding visual effects in post-production. Due to, his high technical skills with tracking, masking and rotoscoping. Therefore, able to bring your film and video to life with an artistic eye. Using both the Adobe suite and Cinema 4D.

Graphic Design/ Illustration

High expertise in graphic design and illustration. As a result, he is able to create characters and scenes from scratch. Most importantly, his imaginative mind can bring ideas to life. Whether this be single handedly or within a team he can tackle any project from beginning to completion.