Exploring the Future of Humanity through 2D Animation

As a freelance 2D and 3D motion designer, I was inspired to create something special after hearing Stephen Hawking’s thoughts on the future of humanity. I wanted to create a light-hearted, visually stunning animation that would capture the essence of what he was saying and give people a sense of hope for the future. So, I got to work and put all my passion and creativity into this project. The result was a 2D animation that I’m incredibly proud of. It’s a visual representation of a future that is full of hope and possibility.

In conclusion, this animation project was more than just a job for me, it was a chance to explore the future of humanity through my art and give people a sense of optimism for what’s to come. As a freelance 2D and 3D motion designer, I’m always looking for new opportunities to express my creativity and this project was one of them. I hope it will inspire others to see the future as a place full of hope and possibility.


Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. 

Motion Graphics and Animation

Creator of unique 2D animations. Starting from a blank canvas and bringing any artwork to life in animated scenes. Great at making content for broadcast, online campaigns and advertising.

3D Modelling/ Rendering

Profound knowledge in 3D modelling to create stunning scenes. Ability to utilise camera and lighting techniques. Finishing with highly polished rendered scenes. High quality artwork using Cinema 4D and the Adobe Suite.

VFX/ Post-Production

Power to enhance films by adding visual effects in post-production. Using high technical skills such as tracking, masking and rotoscoping. Bringing your film and video to life with an artistic eye. Using both the Adobe suite and Cinema 4D.

Graphic Design/ Illustration

High expertise in graphic design and illustration. Able to create characters and scenes from scratch. Use my imaginative mind to bring ideas creatively to life. The ability to work singly on a project from beginning to end.