Hi I’m Adam,

A 2D/3D Motion Designer & Animator

based in London

2D and 3D Motion-Designer Adam Wilkes Oppo thumbnail

After Effects designer – Oppo 5G


3D Motion Graphics – Geotekk Limpet

virgin atlantic thumbnail 2D/3D Motion Designer

Motion Graphics Virgin Atlantic

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - 2D character animation thumbnail for Microsoft Innovation project

2D character animation – Microsoft

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - 3D butterfly Thumbnail for Style frames project 2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes

Style frames – Data

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - 3D motion graphics thumbnail for Qualcomm Halo's wireless charging technology

3D Motion Graphics – Qualcomm

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - 3D animation thumbnail for Muc-Off's Hydrodynamic Chain Lube commercial

3D animation – Muc-Off Chain

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - 3D animation thumbnail for Calysta Feedkind commerical

3D animation – Calysta

2D/3D Motion Designer and visual effects artist Adam Wilkes thumbnail for The watchers - impact 50 project

The Watchers – Impact 50

2D/3D Motion Designer Adam Wilkes - character animation thumbnail for Motivii Be on it project

character animation – Motivii


Visual FX – Jessica Wilde – Cry for Me


3D Commerical – Vigantolvit

Need a 2D 3D Animator?

Motion Graphics and Animation

Creator of unique 2D and 3D motion graphics/ animations. Starting from a blank canvas and bringing any artwork to life in animated scenes. Great at making content for broadcast, online campaigns and advertising.

3D Modelling/ Rendering

Profound knowledge in 3D modelling to create stunning scenes. Ability to utilise camera and lighting techniques. Finishing with highly polished rendered scenes. High quality artwork using Cinema 4D and the Adobe Suite.

VFX/ Post-Production

Power to enhance films by adding visual effects in post-production. Using high technical skills such as tracking, masking and rotoscoping. Bringing your film and video to life with an artistic eye. Using both the Adobe suite and Cinema 4D.

Graphic Design/ Illustration

High expertise in graphic design and illustration. Able to create characters and scenes from scratch. Use my imaginative mind to bring ideas creatively to life. The ability to work singly on a project from beginning to end.